He Was Crucified
Reflections on the Passion of Christ

Author: Gerard J. Stanley, Sr, M.D.
Editing by Kent J. Burreson, PhD
Published by Concordia Publishing House

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"Every time I reflect on Jesus’ Passion, I grow in my appreciation of what my Savior endured for me and my sins. As you reflect on the events presented in this book, I hope you, too, will meditate a little longer on the words and artistic depictions of the Passion. If you receive insight into Christ’s suffering, then this book has accomplished its purpose."

—from the Introduction by Dr. Gerard  J. Stanley Sr

About The Book

In timeless images and texts, experience anew the reality of Christ’s suffering and death for you. As you move from the Upper Room to the traitor’s kiss in the garden, from the cries of “Crucify Him!” to Mary’s joyous tears as she recognizes her risen Savior, you will gain a new perspective and deeper understanding of the realities of God’s plan of salvation in Jesus Christ.

For Christians, the cross is central to the life of faith. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is nailed to a tree and dies that we might live. For two millennia the cycle of the Church Year has returned worshipers to the events of Holy Week—Christ’s entry into Jerusalem, His Last Supper with His disciples, His arrest and trials, His scourging, and His crucifixion. For two millennia artists and writers have reflected on these events in enduring works that communicate our Savior’s anguish and suffering, as well as our abiding awe that Jesus drank from this cup of suffering in our place.

He Was Crucified offers the reflections of a medical doctor on the physical and mental anguish Jesus underwent in the hours leading up to His death. Paired with this commentary are masterpieces old and new—from Michelangelo and Rubens to Dali and Siqueiros—as well as prayers, hymns, Scripture, and poetry to enrich your meditation on Jesus’ Passion.

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